BEAUTY IN MY BONES is a collection of poetry and art that captures the depth of human existence.

Discussing a range of topics from abuse, mental illness and love, this collection captures the beautiful duality of life.

There may be some darkness sometimes but the author wants the reader to remember one important thing – there is a light. There is always a light. 

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The Hollow PDF

The third publication in its series, The Hollow is a raw retelling of her story, with messages of healing and triumph. Kristina Rose Garcia offers a window into suffering from trauma and mental illness while giving hope, healing, and shedding light on a path to self love, turning darkness to light.


Borderline PDF

Borderline is the second publication by Kristina Rose Garcia. Featuring original artwork and poetry, Borderline navigates a world of mental illness and love. It brings the reader on a journey of destruction, toxic relationships and self love, eventually making peace with past trauma in order to allow love and light in.


[p.t.s.d.] PDF

Featuring original artwork and poetry by Kristina Rose Garcia, Pretty Things Soon Decay is a collection navigating life after trauma. It is about facing fears and working towards acceptance. It is about the fight to live. Kris’s work reveals inside a heart afflicted by memories of abuse, loss, and love. Inspired by writers such as Kate Chopin, Sylvia Plath and Rupi Kaur, Pretty Things Soon Decay goes beyond a tale of survival – it reveals a world behind the mask. Her work cautions that things are not what they appear to be – and sometimes, things are not okay.


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