BEAUTY IN MY BONES is a collection of poetry and art that captures the depth of human existence.

Discussing a range of topics from abuse, mental illness and love, this collection captures the beautiful duality of life.

There may be some darkness sometimes but the author wants the reader to remember one important thing – there is a light. There is always a light. 

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Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies ——Is all I need. Spent too long neglected and it affected my esteem. Stopped trying to be heard or seen instead doused myself in gasoline for the fire- chasing liars and charring things I love, burning all that I desire. Warm bodies like new hobbies. Lingering in lobbies; Couple nights of fun beforeContinue reading “Warm Bodies”

Chapter 34

Am I who I want to be? Or what people want to see? Occupying only the space they allow me- I am free. Happy with my becoming. Once I was running but now I stand, taking root in fertile land, heart in hand. – Kristina Rose Garcia [2021]

Dive In

It’s under my surface; Always. The irritation rains, collected. Irrigation to the guilt garden in my brain. A thing with no name and shameless fame occupying the spaces between myself and the sane. Built different. Small differences lead to false inferences and does anyone really know who I am; Do you dare dive deeper toContinue reading “Dive In”

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