Miss Kris Mindfulness Workshops

Paint. Write. Breathe.

We don’t just make art. We make meaningful experiences. Miss Kris Mindfulness workshops are designed on the belief that art should bring inner peace, and we carry that belief into everything we do.

Be Bare Bones You.

Art and poetry are more than pretty pictures and words. They are an avenue to self expression and self realization.

Remember: You can’t get art “wrong”! Stay open minded and true to you.

Individual Sessions Available

Pen to Paper

Poetry, Journaling & Short Stories
Sharpen your writing skills, discover various writing methods & master a new skill!
$20 per session

Powerful Painting

Painting using Acrylic and Watercolor
Learn new skills and improve your art while learning the power of the paint for self expression.
$25 per session

Therapeutic Art

Art in all mediums
Practice mindfulness through art to improve your life and restore peace.
$25 per session

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