15 day “I Love Me” Mirror Challenge

Looking in the mirror and finding something good to say for 15 days. This is the result. She looks into the mirror, into the soul of the reflection that won’t hear her. She lovingly twirls the curls colored like her favorite tea – passion. Rich berry coils oiled with coconut. She cant help but swayContinue reading “15 day “I Love Me” Mirror Challenge”

beauty in my bones

BEAUTY IN MY BONES  There is beauty buried in my bones.  Many times, my flesh struck with stones       and they held.  Welded together in this honeycomb texture.  The hive of me alive in me  and maybe even a little hungry.  Buzzing bitch please.  Kiss me.  I’m the monster you made.  The one you constantly craveContinue reading “beauty in my bones”