The Musings of Kristina Rose Garcia

Easy Way

Mama said we got money. Don’t worry honey – but use one tissue instead of two – If you grew up in a house with tissue boxes or like us, it came off the toilet paper roll before you blew. Did you rinse your cans, cause roaches. Broaches issues you don’t understand. Careful, said Mama.Continue reading “Easy Way”

Ghost Mother

Happy mothers day? She birthed me this way, but I made myself okay. Happy mothers day is all I can say aloud; inward I pray that this woman stays sane and minds her own damn brain. Kristina Rose Garcia [2021]


Tomorrow they burn what’s left of you. Trying to hold on to the good and I should You’d want it – I mourn you immensely Shelly. It haunts me. To have seen you hours before your last breath; To have said goodbye the day of your death. A chance many never get. And at aContinue reading “T”

Who’s Ill?

Menace to society and a mess inside of me. He lives there beneath my spaghetti hair in brain mush. Squish. Squish him like a bug; Shrug. Can’t. He’s like a hood roach cuz they always come back – Waterbugs the size of rats coexisting in this habitat. Unfazed by Raid, undecayed. Bad omen creatures forContinue reading “Who’s Ill?”

Behind Bars

Bars. Behind bars reflect the shadows of scars he burned into my skin. Behind bars my freedom taken by him, perpetual sins committed and wont quit it. Behind bars he keeps us, locked under his will. Behind bars we are ill and tears spill, floods the whole damn place and we suffocate. Behind bars, inContinue reading “Behind Bars”

Bronx Poet

Grouping me with urban literature – That shelf is so miniature in the bookstore – What if I wanted to be more? What if I wanted more than just the Bronx  to read my book, more than women like me to take a look  and see what shook me,  took me away – Despite theContinue reading “Bronx Poet”


Limit[less] Wondering what is my limit and if I’ve yet to hit it. If I let it expand by choice or bodily necessity; Before the monsters burst out of me I must assess how much distress I can take and I confess, this smile is not fake because despite the dark I hide inside withinContinue reading “Limit[less]”


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