I’m good luv, enjoy

A poem written by Shelly Ann Wheeler 🕊

I’m good luv, enjoy
Are the words that rang through my head as i realized all the real lies you told me
I’m good luv, enjoy
Echoed through my veins
As i thought of all the pain that i sustained
That i stayed through
I’m good luv, enjoy
As i politely declined another one of your toxic twisted lines
To trick such a genuine divine like I
Through your lips
You whispered
I miss you
Three times
To fall back into the innocent crime
of loving you
But this time
I realized
I’m good luv, enjoy
As i walked away with pride
Not denying that i cried
To understand that I deserved better
Deserved more
Than your toxic
Time that was wasted of mine
So guess what boo
I’ll always have love for you
I’m good luv, enjoy

Published by misskris726

Bronx poet, artist and educator.

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