Apartment 2E

We could smell her death from across the hall. 
It seeped through the walls and her spine, it crawled.
Down she fell. We let her fall
Ignored her call call call
down the halls.

Death stalled, appalled at the wreckage.
Heart to hemorrhage and decay,
She knew he only stayed cuz she paid
But it's a step away from getting laid
If you don't think im okay
Why'd you say it anyway?

Two faced.
Too fazed by demons to dig deeper.
There's a light there beneath her
under this crust and fur
And blood and skin,
It shines within.
Wears it thinly draped over the mask,
Now to see her you have to ask,
And bask in her glory
Be the hero who holds her at the end of the story.

Published by misskris726

Bronx poet, artist and educator.

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