Who’s Ill?

Menace to society and a mess inside of me.
He lives there beneath my spaghetti hair in brain mush.
Squish him like a bug;


He's like a hood roach cuz
they always come back -
Waterbugs the size of rats
coexisting in this habitat.
Unfazed by Raid, undecayed.

Bad omen creatures for good reason.
His features play by the seasons,
wearing the outfit that suits him.
The shoe fits.
Sociopath or schizophrenic;
I may be bi but even manic I never be actin’ so crazy
high like this guy that gets by the damn system that 
seems built for him and rigged, triggered for our blood. Just cuz.
Let him pull my plug
and y’all shrug because 
he labels me a damn thug
and that slug gets to see another rain.

And this is the monster I became.
A nefarious beast crawling out
like Ursula from the sea
I bewitch you 
trick you
to think 
you have the power
I still cower, yet
your words are a cold shower -
I rinse insufferably each time.
Each rhyme I get closer to me -

Can I finally live 
beyond spaghetti hair,
growing from the mush of my brain, 
taking lessons from the insane. 

-Kristina Rose Garcia [2021]

Published by misskris726

Bronx poet, artist and educator.

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