A Woman Like That

Remember this; goodbye. Remember this and 
not the one where we wept. 
Remember how we laughed. 
Remember the love. 
Our story cannot have a bitter end. 
Time is like confetti.
Do you regret me?
You ended things with such mystery;
Who is she?
Who stole you away?
Who you calling bae?
It wasn’t me. 
It was you.
It’s true.
You made a mess and lost 
a good woman too. 
It was your choice and yours alone.
This did turn out to be true.
You made up your mind that 
we were through.
I clung onto you in love and confusion,
I didn’t want to lose it, what we had.
It drove me mad to try and understand. 
when you say you love me
it sounds like an apology? 
I knew you too good to be true, 
when I stared endlessly 
into your eyes of blue.
The things love blinds you to.
Love is not enough to be the glue.
It takes two to build
yet one to shatter - you. 
The bruises a broken heart shows. 
It knows;
I grow from the pieces. 
You had the glow of a goddess 
in your grasp.
What an ass, to pass up on 
a woman like that. 
A woman who loved far too well,
whose smell used to intoxicate you.
Sniff your empty air.
Hair like beautiful spaghetti,
Oh honey; you won’t forget me.
No one forgets a woman like that.
That’s a fact. 
It’s easy to attract the 
right matches when 
I do the work, mend the patches. 
Oh - did you not think I could interact 
like this?
You mixing me up with some 
basic bitch?
Boy you trippin. 
No one wins back a woman like that. 
Not with that act. 
Cut the shit. 
I see through it. 
You aim to be the man who understands.
But you’re a boy. 
A toy to a woman like that.
How dare you call me a narcissist? 
Are you for real?
Let’s analyze this. 
A boy among men isn’t the sign of some 
great source of insight, 
perspicacious and sagacious - 
He’s just a boy in disguise 
who wants to appear wise. 
And he will fuck it up -  
You passed on the real prize. 
Because the moment you saw 
what I have to carry 
you couldn’t marry it.
A man embraces a woman’s light.
Instead it gave you a fright,
isn’t that right?
Tried to fight me with false insight 
after dropping us three like a hat.
How dare you try to break apart 
a woman like that?
A woman who can carry not one 
not two but 
three lives on her back and still 
had the balls to fight for it all. 
And you say you’re appalled? 
You stalled
until you couldn’t hold it much longer –
you had rather say goodbye than admit 
you weren’t really stronger. 
Wanting a real woman and 
wanting to keep one 
are two different things.
Singing songs of her praises but 
to hold her stings because 
you’re not there yet. 
A real man is capable
and honored
to hold the hand of a woman like that. 
You chose her over me. 
Whoever "she" is Metaphorically. 
That other side that pulled you away from 
the One who you called your bride
will protect your pride for now.
Until that day that comes
and you won’t know how to breathe
without my love in your lungs. 
You took my breath away 
then left me empty.
The light I left behind is 
far beyond this galaxy 
and will take light years 
to catch up to.
I was the glue.
I was the Sun and you 
were Pluto. 
I will ask what you have to offer 
and the answer cannot be 
the same as before 
because that’s not good enough 
Not for a woman like that. 
How do you bounce back 
from a woman like that?
You can’t - 
You won’t stop wanting me 
and it’ll be the ghost of our dreams 
haunting you while I sleep.
And when you say hello I won’t know 
what to feel 
except that it will be harder to let go 
or let love grow. 
Only come back if you know.
Don’t ask
to come back -
It was you who walked away 
from a woman like that. 
-Kristina Rose Garcia 2020

Published by misskris726

Bronx poet, artist and educator.

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