just listen

Mouth covered but not silenced. 
The violence to my people is 
in some holy steeple of bigotry.
We are used to living in the margins. 
Bargaining with lives every time the 
flashing lights go by. 
!Blanquita ella!
What am I but vanilla spice -
Light skinned privilege is nice 
except it’s at the price of 
my sisters. 

Micro aggressions happen to me 
subtly but my sisters 
cannot flee their skin so easily. 

The wrong authority can calculate 
a wrong cue  
and the tension is thicker the 
darker the hue. 
Didn’t anyone tell you? 
Or do you live on the other side, 
to all the weight carried with 
this melanin -
It coats heavy and is thick and 
this is why 
we are rich in strength. 
We have to get along in a society 
that judges fiercely.
Tu lucha es mi lucha - 
But they’ll shoot ya
faster than me. 
They can’t be naive to it.
They have to bite the bullet
and look.

Mouth covered but not silenced. 
Just listen.
#teachersforblacklives #latinosforblacklives #blacklivesmatter

Published by misskris726

Bronx poet, artist and educator.

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