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New Book Teaser

Meet the characters of my upcoming book which will be a narrative 🙂

Apartment 2E

We could smell her death from across the hall. It seeped through the walls and her spine, it crawled. Down she fell. We let her fallIgnored her call call calldown the halls. Death stalled, appalled at the wreckage. Heart to hemorrhage and decay,She knew he only stayed cuz she paidBut it’s a step away fromContinue reading “Apartment 2E”

I’m good luv, enjoy

A poem written by Shelly Ann Wheeler 🕊 God rest her beautiful soul. Even beyond the blue she knows the right things to say. I miss you baby girl, everyday. Here’s a debut so the world sees the power of your words I’m good luv, enjoyAre the words that rang through my head as iContinue reading “I’m good luv, enjoy”

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